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Martha Stewart needs her iPad fixed right now

Martha Stewart needs her iPad fixed right now


Her gift from Steve Jobs has broken — and she won't go to a Genius Bar

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Apparently Martha Stewart doesn't get her Apple products repaired like the rest of us. Last night, Stewart took to Twitter to complain that she had dropped and shattered the glass front on an iPad given to her by Steve Jobs himself. But while most of us would take a trip to the Apple Store, Stewart consulted her legion of nearly three million followers for advice. "What to do?" writes Stewart. "Does one call Apple to come and pick it up or do I take it?"

"Steve Jobs gave it to me!"

Though Stewart may sound woefully unfamiliar with how most consumer electronics companies service products, we're told that on rare occasions certain Apple Stores will perform service calls for VIPs or for an elderly or disabled person in particular need of assistance. At one point, Stewart bemoaned that a serviceperson was yet to arrive, "I am still waiting for an Apple rep to come pick up my iPad. No action yey [sic]." Not surprisingly, Apple isn't thrilled about how Stewart has publicized her special treatment. "I cannot believe that Apple Public Relations is mad at me for tweeting about my iPad and how to get it fixed!" she writes. "Steve Jobs gave it to me!"

Stewart later explained the series of tweets as a matter of frustration over letting her iPad fall from her car, noting that she was concerned that the glass was sharp and could possibly cut someone. While it sounds like Stewart's iPad is still without repair, it appears she's now taking it all in stride: "I will deal with it all silently and hope that Apple will fix everything so I can function again with proper tools."