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Colossal chart compares hundreds of sci-fi's greatest spaceships

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Spaceship comparison
Spaceship comparison

The world of sci-fi has brought us countless spaceships and other galaxy-hopping vessels, but no one's ever brought them all together quite like this. Dirk Loechel has charted out a massive size comparison of ships from dozens of fictional worlds. As you'd expect, iconic franchises like Star Trek, Star Wars, and Battlestar Galactica are represented, but Loechel branches out to other sci-fi universes as well. You'll see ships that have appeared in films like Independence Day, Alien vs. Predator and Wall-E. Video games aren't left out, either; Eve Online, Halo, Dead Space, and Starcraft are also featured in the massive chart. (Mass Effect remains a glaring omission, something Loechel says he's working to fix.) His sizing data is compiled from a variety of sources, but the sheer scale of Loechel's work easily makes up for any slight inconsistencies. To do the ambitious project justice, we recommend viewing the image at full size.