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Samsung looks to resolve EU antitrust concerns with new concessions

Samsung looks to resolve EU antitrust concerns with new concessions

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In a bit to appease EU regulators and possibly avoid being saddled with major fines, Samsung has submitted a concessions package designed to alleviate growing antitrust concerns. "After lengthy discussions, Samsung has sent us a set of commitments seeking to address our concerns," said EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia today. "If we then conclude that the commitments address our concerns, we will take a commitment decision which would — I believe — ring clarity on SEPs (standards-essential patents) and injunctions across the industry."

Back in December, the European Union formally accused Samsung of antitrust violations. Officials maintain that Samsung has sought injunctions against competitors using several of its standards-essential patents. This enforcement has stifled competition and innovation in the wireless industry, they say. Samsung has denied any ulterior motives, insisting it had "no choice but to seek injunctions based on SEPs due to Apple's unwillingness to enter into good-faith negotiations and to defend ourselves against Apple which sued us first."

The company has withdrawn several injunction requests against Apple that are based on SEPs in European courts, and this "set of commitments" is its latest attempt to right things with EU regulators. “Samsung has always preferred to compete in the marketplace, not in courtrooms, and we will continue to invest in our intellectual property rights to promote innovations to benefit consumers and the industry," it said in a statement to Bloomberg News.