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Google Offers now refunding customers for deals they paid for but never used

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Google Offers on Samsung G S II Skyrocket
Google Offers on Samsung G S II Skyrocket

Google is now refunding its users for any Google offers they've purchased in the past but failed to redeem. The company has emailed impacted customers to alert them that refunds will start being issued on October 7th. It's an automatic process; if Google thinks you've failed to redeem an offer from its Groupon-like service, the original purchase amount will be credited to your debit or credit card. But users also have the option of receiving refunds in the form of Google Play credit. To sweeten the appeal of that method, Google is even tossing in bonus cash for those that go the Play route. Droid-Life has the full email with details, and if you're due a refund, you can expect an email from Google within the next few days.