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Microsoft will soon let you install Windows 8 apps on up to 81 devices

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Windows Store
Windows Store

Microsoft released Windows 8 nearly a year ago with the new Windows Store, and the company introduced a limit on the number of systems a single account could install apps on. Today, Microsoft is practically lifting the limit of five machines and changing it to 81 devices. You read that correctly, 81. The massive change appears to be a symbolic link to the upcoming Windows 8.1 update, but it also means that the majority of Windows Store users will no longer have to worry about what PCs they install paid apps to.

"Since we launched Windows 8, we heard growing feedback from many developers and from our most enthusiastic customers that the limit of 5 was not enough for their needs," explains a spokesperson for the Windows apps team. "In response to that feedback… we're increasing the app roaming limit to remove friction from the app installation process." From October 9th Windows Store apps can be installed on up to 81 devices that are associated with a Microsoft Account. This change will apply to both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Microsoft reassures developers over changes

While developers may have concerns over broad use of apps across systems, Microsoft says the ability to run on multiple devices means "more revenue from the apps that are ad-based." Seeking to reassure developers, the Windows apps team also explain that there are APIs to limit where and how apps can be used. Microsoft has a similar limit on apps for Windows Phone, but there's no indication the company plans to extend this to 81 devices.