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1.26 billion Facebook profiles become a clickable monument to humanity

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natalie rojas facebook faces
natalie rojas facebook faces

"Creative Technologist" Natalia Rojas has mapped the profile photos of Facebook's 1,267,191,915 (and counting) users on just one web page. "The Faces of Facebook" is organized from top left to bottom right by the date each user joined Facebook, and in total creates a glitchy, vibrant, and awe-inspiring image. By clicking the location symbol and plugging in your Facebook credentials, you can pinpoint your place in the colorful mess, as well as the place of all your Facebook friends.

Rojas doesn't offer much of an artist statement about her latest project, aside from one observation reminiscent of Carl Sagan's thoughts on seeing "Pale Blue Dot," a famous image of Earth taken by the Voyager 1 probe. She writes, "There we are, all mixed up: large families, women wearing burkas, many Leo Messis, people supporting same-sex marriages or r4bia, chihuahuas, Indian Gods, tourists pushing the leaning Tower of Pisa, selfies, newborns, Ferraris," and more. She almost seems to say that despite all our differences, we can all still fit inside one space, and in aggregate, look very much one and the same.