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Move over, Oculus: Sony reportedly building virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4

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According to separate reports from Eurogamer and CVG, Sony is currently working on a virtual reality headset that could launch as an accessory for the PlayStation 4. Eurogamer says "multiple sources" confirm that the device takes after the Oculus Rift in functionality and would ramp up the sense of immersion for owners of Sony's next-gen console. The VR headset has already been tested internally with PS4 launch title Driveclub, allowing players to look around the inside of a car's cockpit.

Sony originally planned to unveil the headset at Gamescom, according to reports, but is said to have postponed things at the last minute. CVG says company executives are currently weighing just how to market the VR device, unsure whether it should be pitched as an essential PS4 hardware component that differentiates the console from Xbox One, or merely as an "add-on." CVG claims Sony will instead reveal the gaming headset at this month's Tokyo Game Show, though Eurogamer cautions we may not see anything until 2014.

Sony hasn't yet confirmed a move into virtual reality, though the company is no stranger to head-mounted displays. It's an area Sony is still actively investing in, having just announced the HMZ-T3. But comfort issues and high-dollar price tags have largely relegated those products to a niche audience. Can Sony deliver a virtual reality experience that surpasses what we've seen from Oculus Rift? We've reached out to the company for comment.