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Netflix signs deal with comedian Russell Peters for original comedy special and documentary

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Next month, Netflix will neatly combine the two genres it's promised will soon grace its original content library: documentary filmmaking and stand-up comedy. The company announced today that comedian Russell Peters has signed on to release a 70-minute comedy special based on his ongoing "Notorious" tour, as well as Russell Peters vs. the World, a four-part documentary series following Peters on that tour. While the Notorious special was filmed months ago in Sydney, Australia, both it and the documentary will premiere together on October 14th, exclusively through Netflix. A limited screening will also be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival next week.

The Canadian-born Peters has achieved success in the past few years by addressing race, language, and stereotypes in his shows. In 2008, he self-produced comedy DVD Red, White, and Brown, and his exclusive Netflix premiere makes him one of several comedians experimenting with new distribution models. Last week, Aziz Ansari announced that his Buried Alive special would debut on Netflix November 1st, with heavy promotion from the streaming video site. For its part, Netflix has said that it will be focusing on stand-up comedy and documentaries in its aggressive original content strategy, calling them "much loved and often under-distributed genres."