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Google might have just accidentally revealed the Nexus 5

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nexus 5 1020 rumor leak
nexus 5 1020 rumor leak

Google has been busy partnering with Nestle for a KitKat themed Android 4.4 release, but it seems all the chocolate excitement may have given us an early look at the Nexus 5. In a promotional video accompanying the KitKat announcement, a Google employee can be seen taking pictures, at around 38 seconds, of the new lawn statue. The employee in question is holding what looks like a new Nexus device, with the rear of the device featuring a horizontal Nexus logo — just like the new Nexus 7— and a matte finish and large camera lens that hasn't appeared on any existing Nexus devices. The mystery device also includes an LG logo at the rear, meaning the two companies may be collaborating on another Nexus handset.

After a Nexus 4 price drop and the introduction of the Moto X, a Nexus 5 may well be on the horizon. We've reached out to Google and LG to comment on the mysterious Nexus, and we'll update you accordingly.

Update: Google has now removed the video from YouTube, marking it private. But we obtained a copy and have republished it below:

Update 2: An LG representative offered no specific comment on the video, saying "we have nothing official to announce at this time."