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Google Glass app store arriving in 2014

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Google Glass (STOCK)
Google Glass (STOCK)

A Glass app store is on the way sometime next year. A recent report in the New York Times revealed that the digital storefront will be arriving sometime in 2014, "when Glass is available to the general public." A representative from the company later confirmed as much to Marketing Land, but declined to answer whether it would be part of the existing Play infrastructure or a separate store altogether. The company also declined to confirm whether developers would be able to charge for their apps; under the current terms of service, it's not possible to accept payment for your "Glassware."

Earlier this summer, we learned that Google made reference to Glass apps within the Play store, hinting that a subsection could be dedicated to apps for the new wearable device. Likewise, a July changelog for the latest prerelease software showed signs that Glass would support Android APKs in addition to the web apps we've seen up to this point. Either way, the truth isn't that far off.