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Xbox One Kinect sensor can understand two people talking at the same time

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xbox one controller kinect console stock
xbox one controller kinect console stock

Microsoft has revealed that the Kinect sensor will ship with the Xbox One can detect two people talking at the same time. Speaking at the Eurogamer Expo in London, Microsoft's Phil Harrison revealed further details about the new Kinect. Coupled with the Xbox One, Kinect will now be able to hear and understand two people talking at once, even detecting whether mouths are open in a dark room.

The new capabilities work alongside improvements to Kinect that allow it to track thumbs, 25 joints of up to six people, and heart rates by scanning a face. While the multiplayer gaming applications for multiple voice processing are obvious, Microsoft is also aiming its Xbox One console firmly for TV and entertainment. The new abilities to understand multiple conversations could make for an interesting new living room dynamic. At the moment families struggle for control of the remote for channel surfing, but if Microsoft's Kinect sensor gets popular then we could soon be shouting for control of the TV and the Xbox will now have to decide who wins.

Just under two months to go

Microsoft has slowly been revealing additional details about the Xbox One and Kinect as it prepares to launch the new console in the coming months. We got an early look at the new Xbox One dashboard and some of the upcoming games, but we're still waiting for additional demonstrations of Microsoft's TV and app work on the latest console. The company is planning to launch Xbox One in just under two months on November 22nd for $499.