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The week in Verge Video - September 30th, 2013

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Welcome to another exciting week in Verge Video. Top Shelf and Small Empires are in the middle of a short, well-deserved break, but there's still plenty of video coming your way.


  • Verge Mobile Show

    Tuesday at 4:30PM ET

    Now that the reverberations of Apple's iPhone launch have quieted, it's time to turn our collective gaze towards the future. A future where your watch is a cellphone, your phone is a tablet, and your tablet is a laptop. Need a little help keeping up? Watch The Verge Mobile Show on Tuesdays at 4:30PM ET.


  • Detours


    Last week's episode of Detours introduced us to a Detroit makerspace where building a mind-controlled flamethrower is encouraged. We can't say much about this week's episode, except that it'll be posted on Wednesday and it might get a little bit warm.


  • The_vergecast

    The Vergecast

    Thursday at 4:00PM ET

    The Vergecast is a discussion on all things relevant and irreverent in the worlds of art, culture, science, and technology. Last week we talked about Amazon's new Kindles, Microsoft's recently-announced Surface 2 tablets, and The Verge's new navigation. This week? Well, you'll need to tune in on Thursday to find out.