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The Flaming Lips recording concept EP based on 'Ender's Game' themes

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The upcoming Ender's Game film brought on The Flaming Lips to compose a song for its soundtrack, but the band apparently isn't content to leave it at that. According to Stereogum, The Flaming Lips are creating an entire six-song EP based off of themes from Orson Scott Card's story. The band's frontman, Wayne Coyne, already began talking about the possibility of turning their Ender's Game involvement into a full EP back in August, and it now appears that it's become a reality. "We've already done the song and we quite like the mood of it and the way of it, the sound and the theme of it," Coyne told The Huffington Post after recording the initial track. "We think we're going to pursue making a bit more of an expanded five- or six-song record that goes along with the theme."

The EP, called Peace Sword, will be out on November 29th as part of Record Store Day, reports Stereogum. There's no word yet on which specific Ender's Game themes will get looped in, but it's easy to imagine that its grim threads of humanity, war, and manipulation will translate well into The Flaming Lips' experimental brand of rock. The band is no stranger to concept albums either — perhaps its most famous involves a young woman battling metaphorical robots — so the EP should certainly be an interesting listen for fans of both the band and the book.

Update: This article previously swapped the release dates for Ender's Game and Peace Sword. The film will be out November 1st, while the EP will be out November 29th.