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Samsung takes on Android malware with bundled enterprise antivirus

Samsung takes on Android malware with bundled enterprise antivirus

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Lookout already dominates the field of Android antivirus apps, but it’s expected to get a big boost this week when Samsung announces that it will be bundling the software as part of its Knox security suite for enterprise on all of its new Android phones. A report in the Wall Street Journal says that an official announcement is expected on Wednesday.

Lookout offers two tiers of service, a free antivirus app and a premium upgrade that provides cloud-based scanning of all email attachments, web browsing, and file sharing that happens on your phone. A Lookout press release confirms that it's this higher tier of service that will be bundled with Knox.

"There's not really a significant amount of risk."

Not everyone is convinced that mobile security is a serious problem; despite monthly stories of new Android exploits and malware, there have been few cases of genuine harm to users. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Android’s lead security engineer Adrian Ludwig said "there’s not really a signficant amount of risk that users are being exposed to." Nevertheless, if your work phone is a Samsung, you might rest a little easier knowing that Lookout is scanning everything that happens on your phone.