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New shark species found casually walking across the seabed

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halmahera shark vimeo screengrab
halmahera shark vimeo screengrab

Such is the scale of our oceans that it should come as no surprise when new species are discovered. That didn't stop scientists in Indonesia getting very excited about a new type of shark, hemiscyllium halmahera. Belonging to the family hemiscylliidae, the 28-inch long halmahera is a type of bamboo shark, described by the media as a "walking shark." This bottom feeder can use its pectoral and large pelvic fins as "feet," allowing it to "walk" the seabed.

The behavior isn't unique to halmahera, but it's nonetheless impressive to watch. The team that made the discovery actually caught a pair of halmaheras off the East Indonesian coast, which helped them differentiate the new species from what they believe is its closest relative, hemiscyllium galei, thanks to distinct differences in the markings.