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Pioneer's RoboCop HUD coming to European cars next month

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pioneer hud official
pioneer hud official

It looks like Pioneer is bringing its RoboCop-inspired automobile HUD beyond the borders of Japan. The company is announcing its futuristic NavGate system at IFA in Berlin this week, giving European drivers the opportunity to enjoy the same in-your-face navigation experience that we saw in Japan last year.

Pioneer says that NavGate uses a DLP projector to create the equivalent of a 30-inch display sitting 10 feet in front of the driver. It presents navigation data like turn-by-turn directions and current speed directly in your field of view so that you don’t have to constantly check the console, which, ideally, should be safer for everyone involved. Of course, smartphone integration is there too, including support for navigation apps CoPilot and NNG's iGo Primo. If you’re interested, Pioneer's HUD experience will cost you £599.99 (about $930) when the SPX-HUD01 arrives in October.