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Apple plays to new audience with iPhone event in China on Sept. 11th

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Apple China event invite
Apple China event invite

Yesterday, Apple confirmed that it'll be holding an event on September 10th, closing the loop on weeks of speculation — but that's not the only event that the company is holding that week. According to the Chinese news source Sina Tech, Apple has sent out invites to an event in Beijing on September 11th at 10AM local time (10PM ET on September 10th). It's widely believed the company will introduce the next iPhone models (including a low-cost, colored model) at its Cupertino event, and it seems likely that Apple will take an opportunity to introduce the same products to its Chinese market at its event in Beijing.

While it's a bit unusual for Apple to hold a second event in China so close to the main show in the US, there's no doubt that Apple has made a presence in China a priority. During Apple's most recent earnings call, CEO Tim Cook called China "a huge opportunity" for the company, a sentiment he's repeated multiple times recently. Cook has also visited China several times in recent months, with part of his visits focused on expanding Apple's presence in the country to massive wireless carrier China Mobile. And there's been nearly a year of speculation that Apple will release a lower-cost iPhone model (potentially the rumored iPhone 5C) — partially to give the company a less expensive option in countries like China. Regardless of what Apple has planned, we'll be covering its September 10th event live and will also cover any news that comes out of its Beijing event.

Update: It looks like Apple's China event probably won't hold any unique surprises. All Things D reports that its Beijing event will be one of several satellite launches, though it's still the first event Apple has planned in the country.

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