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Best Buy offers $50 credit when trading new Xbox 360 games for their Xbox One counterpart

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Best Buy has become the latest company to sweeten the deal for Xbox 360 gamers who don't want to wait for the Xbox One to buy new games like Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty: Ghosts. Today, the company announced a deal that would let customers buy one of five upcoming games for the Xbox 360, then trade it in for an Xbox One copy at a $50 discount, for a final upgrade price of $9.99. Amazon and GameStop have already announced similar deals, as retailers try to prevent people from holding off until the new console launches on November 22nd.

Best Buy is offering discounts with a few more games than GameStop, though not as many as Amazon. Unfortunately, the process for trading in a game is more convoluted. Amazon and GameStop are simply offering a guaranteed minimum credit of $50, though the latter mails that $50 as a coupon. To get the trade-in from Best Buy, you'll need to first buy the 360 game, then wait for an inactive $10 coupon via email. When you trade in the game along with the coupon, Best Buy will activate it and give you an additional $40 gift card. There's also a date window on each game, so you'll have to buy it fairly early and trade it by December 31st.

If you're absolutely buying a game at launch and waiting on the Xbox One, this isn't a bad deal. If not, though, you'll get some of the games a paltry couple of weeks before the Xbox One launches. And if you're not buying a One until next year, you'll have to trade in the game, then wait to be able to play it again.