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Sony's 4K video store launches with over 70 movies and TV shows

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Sony 4K Video Unlimited
Sony 4K Video Unlimited

Sony's 4K video store has officially gone live today, offering owners of the company's $699 4K media player over 70 movies and TV shows in native Ultra HD resolution. Sony expects its 4K video library will grow to over 100 titles by the end of the year. The company previously outlined some of its launch titles, though it saved one surprise for today: for the first time, Breaking Bad fans can view the AMC hit in 4K resolution. TV episodes run $3.99, with film rentals priced at $7.99 for a 24-hour viewing window. Buying movies is a bit more costly at $29.99, but Sony says "select" content will include UltraViolet digital copies — a nice perk for early adopters.

Sony's 4K player can store up to 50 feature-length films on its 2TB hard drive, so thankfully it seems you won't need to erase or re-download the huge movie files often. Unfortunately the entire setup is only compatible with Sony-branded 4K TVs. That's not altogether surprising, but if you've already invested in another brand, it seems you're out of luck.