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Sony's first curved LED TV ships in October for $3,999.99

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Sony curved LED TV
Sony curved LED TV

As part of its big IFA 2013 event, Sony announced a number of new TVs, including this 65-inch LED monster. The real draw here is that it's a curved LED TV, much like the curved OLED sets that Samsung and LG introduced back at CES earlier this year. Of course, Sony's set is using standard LED lighting and not the higher-quality (and more expensive) OLED technology — so while it might not match up to Samsung and LG's curved TVs in terms of pure image quality, it's also significantly cheaper. The TV comes with the standard smart TV connectivity features and 3D capability, but also features eight angled front-facing speakers that Sony says can effectively simulate the surround sound experience. The $3,999.99 set is available for pre-order now at Sony's site, and the company expects it to ship by the end of October.