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Cross Plane hopes to kickstart a Wii U-like wireless controller for your Xbox or PlayStation

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The Cross Plane (Kickstarter)
The Cross Plane (Kickstarter)

If you've ever been in the middle of an intense video game when a housemate demands you stop playing so they can watch TV, you'll surely appreciate the promise of Cross Plane. The Kickstarter project is looking to raise $350,000 to build a device that looks a lot like a Nintendo Wii U GamePad, but actually is designed to act as both the screen and controller for your Xbox or PlayStation. Cross Plane is a gaming controller with a 7-inch, 720p display sitting between a standard array of joysticks, buttons, and triggers.

The controller promises to deliver about four hours of battery life. This isn't much, but it should be enough to enable gamers to play on in the midst of an interruption for someone else's TV time. Cross Plane uses a standard HDMI transmitter and receiver setup to wirelessly stream video from a TV, PC, or gaming console to the tablet-like device. Unlike the Wii U's GamePad, the display on Cross Plane isn't a touchscreen, and there are no sensors, cameras or mics. One key feature Cross Plane will have, however, is rumbling haptic feedback.

Bringing Cross Plane into reality won't be cheap. The minimum donation level that will actually get a controller in your hands, if the project hits its funding goal, is $349. Just one day into its campaign, the project has raised about $6,000 dollars. Check out the video below to see Cross Plane working for yourself.