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Toshiba's Click Windows 8 hybrid takes on the Transformer

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Gallery Photo: Toshiba Click hands-on gallery
Gallery Photo: Toshiba Click hands-on gallery

Toshiba has created another Transformer. The newly launched Satellite Click is the latest in the Windows 8 detachable category, and Toshiba's attempt to provide tablet and laptop form factors in one device. Toshiba has opted for a 13.3-inch display that locks into a hinge and keyboard base. Like many others before it, the form factor is still not perfect. The base includes a full-size keyboard, alongside an additional battery to help power the tablet. It looks and feels very similar to Asus' own Transformer products.

Toshiba's Click will debut as the W30T in Europe with an Intel i3 Haswell processor. Strangely, the company's US variant will ship with AMD's dual-core Temash chip. The differences will be obvious on the CPU and GPU side, where we'll likely see better battery life on the AMD version. Toshiba's AMD variant will ditch the fans found on the rear of the device, but otherwise it will be the same size and dimensions. Essentially it's a laptop and hybrid tablet that takes advantage of the hybrid Windows 8 OS.

I found that touching the display while it's docked was a mixed experience. The screen angle greatly affected the entire device, with certain angles forcing the device to nearly topple over or flex unnecessarily. The hinge certainly isn't as stable as you'd like on this type of device. Docking and undocking the display — the tablet effectively — was quick and easy. It also has a lock to prevent it accidentally detaching. On the connectivity side, there's micro SD, Micro HDMI, and Micro USB on the display itself. On the keyboard you get a a USB 3.0 port for full connectivity to accessories. Overall it's what you'd expect from this form factor, but the size and weight of the tablet section isn't ideal.

Toshiba is planning to release the Click exclusively at Best Buy and through its own direct channels in September, but the company has not provided an exact release date or pricing.