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The Greyp G12 is half electric bike, half motorcycle, wholly amazing

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greyp g12 1020
greyp g12 1020

We got to check out a few electric bikes at NYCeWheels last month, but nothing captured our imagination as much as this burly new design from Rimac Automobili's Greyp Bikes. The Greyp G12’s downhill-inspired dual-suspension frame, hydraulic brakes, and beefy midsection remind us of Frog Design’s Rana 2 electric motorcycle concept, and the company says that it straddles the line between bikes and bikes, but there are pedals if you feel like doing some work yourself.


Not that you’d need to. Greyp says that the G12 can do 40mph unassisted and get an astonishing 75 miles on a single charge. (The 1.3 kWh battery cells pictured above push the bike's total weight to nearly 110 pounds.) Recharging from nothing takes just 80 minutes with a standard 220V outlet, after which you’ll be able to unlock the bike with its built-in fingerprint scanner. The G12's retail price and availability are still up in the air, but Engadget notes that the price for dealers is €6,000, or about $7,900.