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'Futurama' writers ask viewers to avenge them as the show enters another deep freeze

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Futurama came to the end of its second life last night, but it didn't go out restlessly. Scrawled in cartoon blood across the show's ever-changing title card was one final message to its viewers: "Avenge us." It's a not-so-subtle dig at the fact that this is the series' second time falling off of the air. The show was first cancelled in 2003 by Fox, before being brought back to life by Comedy Central in light of the success it saw through reruns. This year, however, Comedy Central declined to renew Futurama for an eighth season.

Series creator Matt Groening says that this is probably the end for Futurama, reports Although, Groening remarks, "We've said that before, too." And while the finale reportedly brought the series to a fitting and emotional close, it apparently left things just as sitcoms tend to do: back at the status quo and ready for another episode. So while this would seemingly be the end for Futurama, that's exactly what fans may have thought a decade ago.