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The iPhone will reportedly be sold by Japan's largest carrier, NTT Docomo, this fall

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iphone 5 ios7 (from apple)
iphone 5 ios7 (from apple)

The iPhone may soon come to Japan's largest mobile carrier, NTT Docomo. The Nikkei newspaper reported today that Apple has reached an agreement that will bring one, and possibly two, new iPhones to Docomo this fall. So far, the iPhone has been sold in Japan by both AU and SoftBank — the telecommunications giant that recently purchased Sprint.

The report of a Docomo iPhone follows news that Apple will host a launch event for its next generation smartphones on September 11th in Beijing, just one day after the company is set to unveil its latest hardware at its Cupertino headquarters. After striking a deal with China Telecom, Apple is now rumored to be in talks to bring iPhones to the massive carrier China Mobile. Additionally, Tim Cook has taken multiple trips to China in recent months, describing the nation as "a huge opportunity." By all appearances, Asia is shaping up to be a focal point for Apple going into its next round of products.