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Listen to a vocals-only track of the classic Beatles 'Abbey Road' medley

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Beatles Abbey Road
Beatles Abbey Road

To many Beatles fans, Abbey Road represents the crowning achievement of an unrivaled musical repertoire. And if you ever need proof that The Beatles were masters of their craft, look no further than the 16-minute medley that dominates the album's B-side. Even if Abbey Road has a place in your record collection, you've probably never heard that medley quite like this. YouTube user JOSIV5 has uploaded a video that features the band's vocals isolated from all instrumentation.

You can faintly hear the underlying music on some songs — including the final chord of "Her Majesty" which is absent on the commercial release. It's a fantastic reminder of the way music was produced long before Auto-Tune and "loudness wars" entered the public lexicon. More than that, it's also a showcase of the group's incredible penchant for harmony and composition, and you're likely to hear something in the vocal takes you haven't noticed previously. For more, head over to The Los Angeles Times, which has gathered other examples from various eras of the band's storied career.