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Verge Favorites: Dann Berg

Verge Favorites: Dann Berg

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Verge staffers aren't just people who love technology. They're people who love stuff. We spend as much time talking and thinking about our favorite books, music, and movies as we do debating the best smartphone to buy or what point-and-shoot has the tightest macro. We thought it would make sense to share our latest obsessions with Verge readers, and we hope you're encouraged to share your favorites with us. Thus a long, healthy debate will ensue where we all end up with new things to read, listen to, or try on.

Stephen King


When I was younger, I always felt like Stephen King’s books were too formulaic. I enjoyed his writing, but never really appreciating any of his work. It wasn’t until I was older and actually tried a little writing myself that King’s sheer storytelling talent really hit me. I actually read Wizard and Glass twice this year, and I’ve never read any other book more than once. If you haven’t yet read any Stephen King (shame on you), I implore you find a copy of The Stand as soon as possible.

'Treats' by Sleigh Bells


I didn’t like this album at first. It was an impulse purchase after hearing the song "Rill Rill," and the rest of the album wasn’t what I was expecting at all. I was disappointed and set the record aside for months. But something kept calling out to me, telling me to give the album a second shot, and I finally gave in. Treats became my go-to driving album and, from there, it was a short climb to the top of my favorites list. There’s just something about Alexis Krauss’ voice paired with the raw guitar riffs that makes me very very happy.



I have vague memories of a time long ago when my recycling bin overflowed with empty seltzer bottles, but those memories have softened and been replaced with thoughts of reusable bottles, loud buzzes, and a seemingly limitless supply of fresh sparkling water. Store-bought seltzer just doesn’t have enough fizz; the Sodastream gives me the power to pump my water so full of carbonation that my nose burns.



Every time I tell someone to watch Dogville, I preface the recommendation with a disclaimer that the movie is really long and boring... but that the last 20 minutes are totally worth the wait. Lars von Trier’s scathing look at small-town America starts innocently, growing deeply disturbing as the movie progresses at a pace so slow it’s barely noticeable. It’s not a movie I’d watch every week — or even every year — but I’ll definitely sit through the three-hour film any time a friend expresses even the slightest amount of interest.

Dark Sky


No matter how many times I’ve used it, Dark Sky still blows my mind. Technologically, I understand that we’re able to accurately predict short-term weather conditions, but it still feels like magic every time the rain precipitation chart matches what I see out the window. Dark Sky has saved me from many runs through the rain, and the developer’s complimentary website,, has become the go-to weather app on my phone.

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