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Sick of swiping your face? Google Glass gets a remote control

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josh glass 2040
josh glass 2040

Since Google first announced Glass, it’s been trying to convey a vision of a new, more immersive relationship with technology, one that doesn't need you to constantly stare down at your phone. But as people have spent time with the device, they've learned that its swipe bar, head gestures, and voice commands don’t always achieve the frictionless ideal that Google has been striving for. Not to worry, though. The newest version of the MyGlass companion Android app lets you control the headset with your phone.

The update should also make it easier to take photos and video surreptitiously

The app’s changelog says that you can touch, swipe, and tap your phone’s screen to move through the Glass UI, which should be more reliable than the alternative. Aside from making navigation a little friendlier, the update should also make it easier to take photos and video surreptitiously, for better or worse. If by some chance you have Glass, the new version of the app is available to download now from Google Play, although Engadget notes that the headset might need an update of its own for the remote controls to work.