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Sony's NEX and QX Lens cameras will soon be controlled by anything developers can imagine

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Sony’s software has never quite lived up to the hardware design of its often-excellent products, but that could all change now that the company is opening up its camera API to anyone that wants to write a remote control app. Sony is announcing that developers will be able to take control of its upcoming QX lens cameras, Wi-Fi-enabled NEX mirrorless bodies (5R, 5T, 6), the HDR-AS30 and AS15 action cams, and the new HDR-MV1 video recorder with some simple JSON. The web-based API makes it platform agnostic, so you’ll be able to port your apps between iOS, Android, and other platforms with (comparatively) few changes.

Not everything is ready to go just yet — Sony says that the NEX cameras won’t get the necessary software update until September 26th — but if you’re interested in diving in, you can download the documentation and an Android sample app from Sony’s website.