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McG might remake 'The Fall Guy' with Dwayne Johnson

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the fall guy
the fall guy

Yet another '80s staple is set for a Hollywood remake, according to an article from The Hollywood Reporter. The site claims that The Fall Guy, an action-adventure series that ran for half a decade, will be made into a feature-length movie, with Dwayne Johnson apparently in talks to fill Lee Majors' shoes as stuntman / bounty hunter Colt Seavers.

Terminator Salvation's McG is reportedly set to direct the remake — he's previously rebooted a TV classic in the form of Charlie's Angels. A draft script for The Fall Guy has been written by Zack Stentz and Ashley Edward, who have previously collaborated on the screenplays for Thor, X-Men, First Class, and the upcoming Top Gun sequel. While nothing is set in stone yet, Hollywood Reporter's sources believe production company Hyde Park Entertainment will produce the movie in collaboration with WWE Studios.