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OS X Mavericks reportedly launching at the end of October

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OS X Mavericks lead (1024px)
OS X Mavericks lead (1024px)

Apple showed off OS X Mavericks, the latest update to the venerable Mac OS, back at WWDC in June, but there's been no word on when it might actually be released beyond a vague "fall" timeline. Now, with Apple's big iPhone event looming, some new details have emerged — 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman is reporting that OS X Mavericks is set for a late October launch. While there's been some speculation that Apple would release Mavericks alongside the revamped iOS 7 at Apple's event on September 10th, Gurman's sources say that the late October release was timed to give the company's software engineers more time to focus on getting iOS 7 ready.

Gurman also speculates that the Mavericks release may coincide with the company's next financial earnings report — both OS X Lion and Mountain Lion were released the day after Apple reported its financial results in July of 2011 and 2012, respectively. While it wouldn't surprise us for Apple to officially announce a Mavericks release date at next week's event, it seems we might have to wait a bit longer to check out its many refinements for ourselves.