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Teenage Engineering's OD-11 wireless Cloud Speaker now available for preorder

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Teenage Engineering OD-11 hero
Teenage Engineering OD-11 hero

Teenage Engineering's new OD-11 Cloud Speaker was one of the highlights from CES this past January, and if you've been itching to get one in your home, you can now place a preorder for the device if you live in Sweden or the US. The OD-11 is a wireless speaker that can play music streamed directly from the internet without the need for a computer, but its real claim to fame is its sound quality and beautiful design. The OD-11 doesn't actually use a new design — it's modeled off of a classic speaker made by Swedish audio engineer Stig Carlsson. But timeless is timeless and Teenage Engineering has taken a classic design and updated it with thoroughly modern capabilities.

That design is going to cost you, however, as the OD-11 is listed at $899 for a single 100 watt unit ($99 more than Teenage Engineering expected it to be when the product was first revealed). The speaker's trick (and must-buy add-on, in our opinion) Bluetooth Ortho remote will cost you another $84 when bundled, so most people are looking at just about $1,000 in total cost. That's considerably more than most wireless speakers on the market, but it can be argued that the OD-11 does more than the average Bluetooth speaker and looks better while doing it. Though preorders are available now, Teenage Engineering doesn't expect to get the OD-11 into customers' hands until the spring of next year, so it probably won't work for those hoping to make it a gift for the holidays.