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Mold looks beautiful under the right light

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CREDIT: Antoine Bridier-Nahmias
CREDIT: Antoine Bridier-Nahmias

Mold, bacteria, and yeast: these are three things you most definitely do not want growing in your home. But when you turn the growths into a purely visual form, it's hard to ignore the majesty of nature even in these gross subjects. Photographer Antoine Bridier-Nahmias has elevated some of the best-looking cultures he's been able to grow in petri dishes into a type of art on his Tumblr. Despite the wildly varying forms of each growth, all of the petri dishes were prepared in the same fashion and exposed to the same conditions. It's just the near-endless possibilities of nature that spawn such unique results. For many more samples, be sure to check the photographer's Magical Contamination Tumblr.