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More Desktop A Little Less Metro


I don’t mind the Metro Apps or the Start Screen, but beyond that I can’t stand the way they have integrated (jigsawed) all the Metro UI (theme) into the desktop area. (The Metro Style – Tab Switcher, Charms Bar, WiFi Window, The Metro Left Side Taskbar, I wish they would just do search just through File Explorer.) All of that extra stuff just makes me cringe. I think the Start Screen could be a lot more of a success if they gave it more of a "widgety" feel. Toggles. Clickable News Headlines (for the enlarged Internet Explorer Tile.) Folders. A scroll bar that does NOT overlap with the Start Button (that freaking disappears.)

The Hidden Chrome. The Jigsawed Parts Of Metro. Yuck. Other than that I think it has real potential.

I think some of the Metro accessories should have a desktop equivalent as well. Mainly, just Messaging.