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New trailers: 'Neighbors,' 'Runner Runner,' 'How I Live Now,' and 'Kill Your Darlings'

New trailers: 'Neighbors,' 'Runner Runner,' 'How I Live Now,' and 'Kill Your Darlings'

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Whether you're a fan of science fiction or One Direction, there's something in theaters for everyone this weekend. What's up ahead? Let’s take a look at some of the latest trailers to find out.


Seth Rogen used to be the stoner screw-up that messed with the lives of everyone around him, but now he's playing straight man to... Zac Efron. Rogen and Rose Byrne are new parents that find their idyllic life disrupted when a fraternity moves in next door. Check out the red band trailer below — and keep an eye out for the Seven reference.

Runner Runner

Ever wondered what it would look like if Bruce Wayne ran a gambling operation and hired Justin Timberlake to serve as his fall guy? Runner Runner is the movie for you. Ben Affleck, Timberlake, and Gemma Arterton star in this thriller directed by Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer).

How I Live Now

Okay, it isn't technically new, but this trailer for Kevin Macdonald's adaptation of the Meg Rosoff novel is worth sharing nonetheless. Saoirse Ronan (Hanna) plays a teenager sent to the UK for the summer, only to have things upended when a new world war breaks out. It's like Red Dawn reimagined as a UK drama — with a really poppy soundtrack.

Kill Your Darlings

Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg. Ben Foster as William S. Burroughs. This is happening, and it's scheduled to hit theaters this October.