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Uber offering DeLorean rides in San Francisco this weekend

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Uber DeLorean promotion
Uber DeLorean promotion

You won't be taking to the skies, but a promotion Uber is running this weekend in San Francisco easily qualifies as its most nostalgic yet — assuming you're old enough to remember Back to the Future and Marty McFly. For three days only, the fabled DeLorean will be joining Uber's regular fleet of cars to help transport customers to their desired destination. But only a select few will get the one-of-a-kind ride; Uber is already warning that the DeLorean will be in very short supply.

San Francisco residents can try their hand by opening the company's mobile app between noon and 9PM PT today, or anytime between noon and 6PM PT both Saturday and Sunday. "If your timing is right, you’ll see the DeLorean option," the company says. Even if you're among the lucky ones, you'll need to keep the trip short (and be traveling alone), as DeLoreans rides will have a hard limit of 15 minutes and permit just a single passenger. The promotion is being presented by Uber in tandem with GE's "Brilliant Machines" campaign.