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Julian Assange's seat of power: a renovated women's bathroom

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Julian Assange flickr espenmoe cc
Julian Assange flickr espenmoe cc

You might have heard that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange sleeps in a ladies' bathroom. Vanity Fair makes the case that he might be better off there. In "The Man Who Came To Dinner," reporter Sarah Ellison explores the man's incredible influence in spite of — or perhaps because of — his humble surroundings.

Among those accomplishments:

During his year of confinement at the embassy, he has released a vast cache of documents, written a book, addressed the U.N., founded a political party in Australia and launched a bid for a Senate seat there, entertained socialites and celebrities, maintained contact with leakers and whistle-blowers all over the world, and worked behind the scenes to influence depictions of him that are now hitting movie screens.

The Vanity Fair report goes into great detail about his living conditions and his work there. Read the full piece right here.