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The Coen brothers say 'Inside Llewyn Davis' may be the last time they shoot on film

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Coen Brothers (FOCUS FEATURES)
Coen Brothers (FOCUS FEATURES)

The Coen brothers have been shooting on film as long as they've been making movies. But in a fantastic interview with The New York Times, the Oscar-winning duo say their latest movie, Inside Llewyn Davis, will very likely be the last one they shoot on film. The pair said while they prefer most things analog, such as vinyl records over CDs, the industry is moving away from film and they're planning to make the transition too. "This movie was not shot digitally," Joel Coen explains of Inside Llewyn Davis. "It might be the last one we ever do on film." Check out the Times Q&A to read more about the brothers' thoughts on James Cameron, the Hollywood studio system, and their writing process.