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Twitter's tablet-optimized Android app leaks out

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Twitter for Android tablets
Twitter for Android tablets

Even Google admits that Android tablet software has been lagging, but one key app might finally be catching up. At IFA 2013, a tablet-optimized copy of Twitter was spotted running on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. It appears to basically be an Android-ified version of the Twitter UI that came to Apple's iPad one year ago.

The particular piece of code spotted at IFA is actually available to install right now, thanks to an enterprising German blog that obtained the APK installer package, but you probably won't want to do so quite yet. We tried it out on an original Google Nexus 7, and even after jumping through several hoops to get it working, we found it quite slow in practice. Still, it seems like proof that Twitter is finally taking Android tablets seriously, and that's a very good thing. Hopefully we'll see a final build hit the official Google Play store — or at least, the Twitter for Android beta program — in a matter of weeks.

Thanks, der_sponge!