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Xbox One video leak offers a closer look at the next-gen dashboard

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xbox logo (verge stock)
xbox logo (verge stock)

Microsoft has provided some glimpses of the Xbox One dashboard, but the company still hasn't shown it fully to the public. One particular YouTube user, Jackson Carter, has posted a two minute video of the Xbox One console, controller, and dashboard. The shaky cam overview provides one of the first videos of the new Xbox One dashboard, and a preview of how games and videos continue to play throughout the dashboard interface.

The console appears to be part of the beta program that Microsoft is currently testing with internal Xbox employees. The YouTube user notes that "it has a lot of bugs," but Microsoft still has over two months to figure those out before its release on November 22nd. Like the Xbox 360, the interface makes use of Microsoft's "Metro-style" user interface, with a number of different sized Tiles throughout separate sections. Games, Movies & TV, Music, and Apps all have separate card sections, while apps like Skype, Internet Explorer, and Xbox Music are stored in a Pins section near the home section.

Microsoft previously provided a closed doors look at the new Xbox One interface during Gamescom in August. Xbox One allows six accounts to be signed in at the same time, with Kinect able to pick up each user by voice commands. The new dashboard supports up to 1,000 friends, with the ability to pin favorite multiplayer friends in the Pins section. Microsoft will also let the Xbox One control individual components of a living room setup, including TVs, audio receivers, and cable boxes. The configuration is similar to Logitech's Harmony remotes, allowing Xbox One users to control other devices via the infrared blaster.

Update: the original video has been removed from YouTube. We've updated the article with a mirror.