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Jellyfish are all up in humanity's business

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Jellyfish warning (Shutterstock)
Jellyfish warning (Shutterstock)

They've taken on vulnerable swimmers, the olympics, coal power plants, and even nuclear aircraft carriers, and there's no sign of this ancient creature's decline. That's the lesson in the new book Stung! On Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of the Ocean, by Lisa-ann Gershwin, which just received a thorough look from The New York Review of Books. According to the Review, humanity may be headed towards a future dominated by gelatinous oceanic terrors, and there may already be no going back. "We are creating a world more like the late Precambrian than the late 1800s — a world where jellyfish ruled the seas and organisms with shells didn't exist," Gershwin writes. "We are creating a world where we humans may soon be unable to survive, or want to."