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New iPad and iPad mini leaks may give the best look yet at Apple's next tablets

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Apple ipad 5 (Sonny Dickson)
Apple ipad 5 (Sonny Dickson)

A series of component leaks have already offered a look at alleged design changes for Apple's next series of iPads. But a new leak, courtesy of prolific Apple parts detective Sonny Dickson, has given us the best look so far at what the new iPad and iPad mini might look like when the pieces are put together.

The assembled iPad shell, pictured above and below, looks identical to earlier leaks, including a video from last week which showed off alleged fifth-generation iPad parts. If the parts are real, the new iPad will be narrower by two-thirds of an inch than previous models, and will have slim side bezels like the iPad mini. Like previously leaked photos, Dickson's assembled shell lacks the plastic insert for radio antennas that were spotted on alleged parts from earlier this year.


Dickson's gallery for the alleged new iPad mini also matches a similar video from last week which compared what is claimed to be the fifth-generation iPad with a new iPad mini. Like last week's leak, the new photos look aesthetically identical to the first-generation iPad mini, so it's difficult to know if the parts are authentic.


We'll be covering Apple's latest event live this Tuesday, September 10th, in which the company is widely expected to debut its new iPhones. The new iPhones will almost certainly be the focus of Tuesday's event, but there's always the possibility that we could see new iPads as well.