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You can now embed Google+ posts anywhere, just like Facebook and Twitter

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Google 3D logo white stock 1020
Google 3D logo white stock 1020

Since launch, Google+ has been slowly integrating into the rest of the company's products — but today, it's taking another small step in that direction. At today's TechCrunch Disrupt presentation, Google has announced two new features designed to integrate the social network further into Google Search and the rest of the web. The first change is an embedding feature that would allow Google+ posts to be transplanted into outside pages like tweets or Facebook posts. Google+ will require users to embed more code than those other services, though, making for a slightly more complex process than usual.

"We have to create one seamless experience."

The other new feature will expand attribution in Google Search, which links search results to the author's Google+ page. If Wordpress bloggers sign in using Google+ (another newly announced feature), they'll now see their pictures and profiles next to the links to their posts in Search. A similar feature will also be available for Examiner, Typepad and select authors on and Wikihow. The result is a lot more Google+ profile pictures on Google Search, and better attribution for authors across the internet. Seth Sternberg, director of Google+ platforms, described the changes as an effort to knit together a single experience out of multiple services and platforms, similar to recent design efforts. "Google is one company. It's one Google," Sternberg told The Verge. "We have to create one seamless experience across all of the internet."