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PS4 launches in Japan on February 22nd, three months after the US

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ps4 japan price
ps4 japan price

One notable omission from the PlayStation 4 launch information provided at Gamescom was any hint of a date for Sony's home country of Japan. At a press conference today, however, Sony revealed that the next-generation console will be released on February 22nd, 2014, priced at ¥39,980 (about $400) excluding sales tax.

The console will also be offered in additional bundles. A package with the PlayStation Camera peripheral — which is not included with the console elsewhere — will sell for ¥43,980 (about $440), and another pre-order bundle will include a free downloadable copy of the game Knack and a one-year warranty extension.

It may come as a surprise to see the PlayStation 4 launch in Japan three months after the US and Europe get the console in November, but Sony says this has been done so as to make sure that software tailored to the region is ready in time. Microsoft's Xbox One is expected to be released in Asia late next year; a specific date for Japan has not yet been given.