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LG taking OLED and 4K TVs mainstream next year

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LG Ultra HD television 4k oled stock
LG Ultra HD television 4k oled stock

LG has unveiled a grand plan to dethrone Samsung as king of televisions. The Korean company is aiming for mass-market releases for its range of OLED and 4K UHDTV sets across the globe next year. Despite launching its OLED and 4K Ultra-high definition televisions in a few key markets already, LG hasn't sold the sets in volumes. That's thanks in part to their high cost when compared to regular televisions, but it's also because the sets aren't available in many markets. That'll change soon, says LG, as 2014 will see the company push 4K and OLED towards the mainstream. To achieve that, it's accelerating its launch plans in many markets, and claims premium and economy versions of its next-generation hardware will be available in 50 countries by the end of next year.

2014 will see LG push 4K and OLED towards the mainstream

At IFA last week, LG announced a brand-new TV that's unlikely to help with worldwide marketshare, but is nonetheless impressive. The uninspiringly named 77-inch Ultra HD OLED TV is important for a number of reasons. It's currently the world's largest OLED display, and it's also the first 4K OLED from LG. Although it hasn't committed to releasing the 77-inch set in its current state, LG does say that it'll launch televisions with its "Ultra HD OLED technology" next year.

LG's final weapon against Samsung is software. The company bought webOS earlier this year, and is hard at work developing the failed mobile operating system for use in its TVs. The company has previously said that webOS will be ready for retail next year, which falls in line nicely with its plans to push high-end televisions out to the masses.