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Redesigned Google logo spotted in Chrome for Android beta (update)

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Google redesign
Google redesign

When Yahoo set out to redesign its iconic company logo, it ran a 30-day countdown to mark the occasion, and its final choice has been the subject of fierce debate. Now it appears Google could be next in the growing line of companies looking to modernize their branding. But from the looks of an updated logo uncovered in the latest beta of Chrome for Android, Mountain View's changes won't be nearly as drastic. Ars Technica was first to spot the new Google logo, which trades the bevels and 3D appearance of the company's current branding for a flatter design with slightly desaturated colors. It's unknown if this will indeed replace Google's logo — which last got a makeover in 2010 — across all products and services. Either way, it feels right at home with the design language that has been implemented across Google's suite of core apps in recent months. We've reached out to the company for comment and will update this story upon hearing back.

Update: A person familiar with Google's branding tells The Verge that this is not a replacement for the company's traditional logo. Instead, the flatter design is used in instances where the beveled logo may not display well — such as on printed banners or other corporate use cases. The logo in question has been already pulled from where it first appeared in the latest Chrome for Android beta, signaling that the company quickly realized its mistake. Suffice it to say, the Google logo you know and love isn't going anywhere anytime soon.