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Motorola launches 'Lazy Phone' ad campaign, announces T-Mobile Moto X availability

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Moto X voice control (1024px)
Moto X voice control (1024px)

Motorola announced today that those wishing to purchase the Moto X smartphone for use on T-Mobile can now order it through Motorola's website. The T-Mobile version is priced at $599.99 and is available in white or black color options, since customizable options through remain an AT&T exclusive. It is not yet clear when the Moto X will be available in T-Mobile retail locations, so those wishing to purchase it will have to order it online for now.

In addition to announcing T-Mobile availability of the Moto X, Motorola launched a new ad campaign today, called Lazy Phone. The campaign is kicking off with a set of three television commercials that highlight the Moto X's software capabilities, including Touchless Control, Quick Capture, and Active Notifications. The ads star comedian TJ Miller as a typical smartphone that lacks those software features, which leads to embarrassing situations for those that don't have the Moto X.

While the ads are amusing, they are a departure from the first campaign Motorola launched for the Moto X that used off-color jokes and sexist remarks. That campaign was quickly changed after received a good amount of criticism, and it seems that the company learned its lesson this time around. You can see the three ads in the videos embedded below.