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Yahoo Screen for iOS streams video from SNL, Comedy Central and more

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Yahoo Screen
Yahoo Screen

Yahoo is finally putting all of those video partnerships to use. The company today introduced Yahoo Screen, an iOS app that compiles all of its entertainment content in one place for convenient streaming. And in addition to the deal Yahoo signed to secure a deep Saturday Night Live archive, the company is announcing another huge pact today. Yahoo and Viacom have reached an agreement that brings select Comedy Central programming including The Daily Show and The Colbert Report to Yahoo Screen. Comedy is an early focus with the new effort; Yahoo says over 1,000 hours of comedy programming are already available to watch. But you'll also find content from ABC News, GQ, Wired, Major League Baseball, and UFC, among others.

Yahoo Screen "turns your finger into a remote control" writes director of product management Robby Stein. And sure enough, swipes play a key role in navigating the app. Swiping left and right quickly jumps between episodes, and you can move between various channels by swiping up and down. Video channels are laid out in a grid-style menu, though a vertical sidebar offers quick navigation to Yahoo's partners.

Screen was developed by the team Yahoo took in when it acquired New York City-based startup Stamped. And it appears those employees immediately got to work on the project, toiling "tirelessly to bring together design, technology and content" according to Yahoo's blog post.