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MGMT's new album and bizarre video are available a week early on Rdio

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MGMT Optimizer
MGMT Optimizer

Psychadelic / noise masterminds MGMT are releasing their self-titled third album on Tuesday, September 17th, but Rdio is offering fans the opportunity to experience the album a week early. Starting today, the full album is streaming on Rdio to subscribers, and there's also a bizarre, full-length music video called the "Optimizer" accompanying the album. Both the album pre-release stream and the video are exclusive to Rdio — a nice coup for a service that has to compete with Spotify and iTunes, both of whom have plenty of exclusive content themselves. While Rdio has offered exclusive content the past (the service was the exclusive partner for Paramore's album back in April and also hosts two exclusive tracks), this does mark Rdio's first foray into offering a video piece alongside the music.

The video itself is a strange and fun piece of eye candy, the type of bizarre visual that feels entirely unexpected coming from MGMT — it's probably not going to win any awards, but it should make for a nice way to experience MGMT for the first time if you're a fan of the band's visual and audio aesthetic. If you're purely interested in the music, you can listen to the album now, and paid subscribers can sync the album to their mobile devices as well. Hopefully for fans of Rdio, this won't be the last exclusive pre-release content the service gets its hands on.