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J.J. Abrams teases his meta-novel 'S.' with latest mystery trailer

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The Strange Pt. 2 screencap
The Strange Pt. 2 screencap

Last month J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot Productions made waves with the release of a mysterious, disturbing teaser trailer known only as "Stranger." Today the second half of the video has been released, and it turns out it's connected to an upcoming novel called S. As described by Entertainment Weekly, the novel was conceived by Abrams and written by author Doug Dorst, and tells the story of two college students named Eric and Jennifer. The twist is that the two interact by writing in the margins of a novel called Ship of Theseus by the fictional author V.M. Straka — and when readers pick up S. they'll be getting a copy of Theseus complete with those scrawled margin notes. The package will also include physical items, like newspaper clippings and a cocktail napkin. While some were no doubt hoping for a new film project, S. sounds like a fascinating project in its own right — and the exact kind of puzzling experience we'd expect from Abrams. The novel is due October 29th.